Remanufactured Switches

Arrowhead Industry light signal products offer the latest technology LED’s, electric locks, relays,motors and circuit control.  They are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications in every respect.

  • All units are tagged to identify specific customer ownership..
  • Pictures are taken and each machine recieves an individual file for documentation.
  • Machines are completely disassembled and inspected for worn, damaged, and defective components per O.E.M. specifications.
  • All components are degreased, sand or media blasted, or otherwise cleaned in accordance with procedures acceptable to compoment makeup.
  • Components recieve both a primer and urethane topcoat prior to reassembly.
  • Motors-Each unit recieves a continuity test to insure there are no issues. Commutator is turned and undercut. New bearings and brushes are installed.
  • Main Gear-Unit is inspected to determine if gear teeth are in need of remanufacture or replacement. Work performed as needed.
  • Controller-Completely disassembled, cleaned,reassemble, and tested to Spec’s.
  • Point Detection-Internal P.D. rod is remanufactured to O.E.M. spec’s and includes new hardware.
  • Internal Lock Rod-Internal lock rod is remanufactured to  O.E.M. spec’s and includes new hardware.
  • Hand Throw-Completely disassembled and bearing inspected/replaced as necessary. Hand throw gear is replaced on all assemblies.