Arrowhead Industries LLC

ARROWHEAD INDUSTRIES LLC was founded in 2003 as a support facility for BNSF.  The original capabilities included cleaning, machining and re-manufacturing of all switch machine components to OEM specifications.

In 2013 a 30,000 square foot facility was built to accommodate the need for shorter lead times.  We are actively expanding operations to welcome the needs of a growing customer base.  The personnel at Arrowhead Industries today deliver industry-wide support for re-manufactured equipment, new components, field services and wiring.

ARROWHEAD INDUSTRIES’ original group of personnel is comprised of individuals with a combined 100+ years of railroad industry experience.  The broad experience base provides the solid foundation for thorough training as our group continues to expand.

With our Midwest location a significant value will be delivered in terms of freight and equipment logistics.

Many thanks to all our satisfied customers we look forward to working with you in the future.